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MME Contracting is a licensed general contractor specializing in insurance restoration. Our team consists of estimators, adjustors, construction managers, engineers, subcontractors, mitigation specialists and claims specialists that work together to serve you and only you.  We assess, document, mitigate the damage, dry and clean your home. We then present a fully justified scope of work that ensures your property is restored back to your satisfaction. We work hard, we work smart, and we work diligently to get you back to business as usual - the soonest possible. Insurance companies are not easy to deal with and it's rare that they provide you a comprehensive scope of work that will realistically restore your property especially in a Hurricane Market in which your property, as well of tens of thousands of your neighbors, have experienced the same catastrophic damage. Aligning yourself with MME Contracting at the very beginning of your insurance claim and starting our process immediately is the best thing you can do as an Insured.


Most people feel that it is impossible to find a General Contractor who will show up and perform the promised services. Our goal is to have every customer come to a moment where they realize how lucky they are to be working with MME Contracting. We care and we know what we are doing.


Almost every insurance estimate requires a supplementary scope which is why aligning yourself with an experienced and effective restoration contractor who does it right from the beginning is the most important.   We have seen that those who work with insurance restoration professionals are better off than those who do not, contact us now and experience the difference. MME Contracting’s mission is to deliver on our promise to work our smartest to make sure that our clients receive everything needed to get their property and lives back together and back on track. 

               OUR PROCESS & WHY IT WORKS

               OUR PROCESS & WHY IT WORKS

Step 1: Document the Damage

MME Contracting will thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior so that we can identify points of water entry and wind damage to your roof, windows and exterior cladding (e.g., siding, stucco, brick, etc.). Thereafter, MME Contracting will inspect the interior of your home for both visible and hidden water damage (using tools such as moisture readers). The inspections will be photo and video documented, a “moisture map” will be created, the interior of the home will be sketched, and we will establish a mitigation plan.


MME will then contact the Insurance Adjuster because communication is the key to success. We will communicate our assessment of the damage, agree on an immediate mitigation plan and schedule a site meeting with the adjuster.

This works because it confirms the cause of loss and extent of the resultant damage and so hidden moisture does not go undetected and cause secondary damage in the future.

Step 1 - Document the damage and contact the Insurance Adjuster


Step 2 - Mitigate the damage to IICRC S500 Standards

As the insured, it is important to understand your obligation to mitigate further damage. MME Contracting is here to assist you in doing so. First, we will cover all wind created openings (e.g., roof tarps) to prevent further water infiltration that can cause additional damage. Second, we will mitigate the interior water damage based strictly on IICRC S500 standards, which are accepted by insurance companies as the guiding standard for proper mitigation. All mitigation work is fully documented and the removal of affected material is justified by moisture maps, photos, moisture meter readings and dry logs.

This works because IICRC standards, which are accepted by insurance companies, justify all removal of building material (cabinets, drywall, doors, etc.) which in turn justifies all the reconstruction work that is necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss state.

Photo Aug 31, 9 22 33 AM.jpg

Step 3 - Specialty trade assessment & produce the Xactimate Estimate

Once the property has been protected, mitigated, dried and cleaned, we produce a 3D sketch of your property and bring in specialty trades, such as electricians, HVAC, and plumbers, to provide professional opinions and estimates for repair to these components, as well as to assess local code upgrade requirements (local code upgrades are usually included as “additional coverage” in many insurance policies). Additionally, our network consists of certified roof inspectors and engineers, who will also be called in at this time when necessary.

Simultaneously, while performing the mitigation work, we are also writing the reconstruction (rebuild) estimate and gathering the specialty trade inspection reports so that we can prepare a complete and accurate scope of work for returning your home back to its pre-storm condition.  While performing the mitigation work, we are already having discussions with your insurance adjuster about the reconstruction side of the claim (everything that we removed during mitigation must be put back and/or replaced so that the structure can be brought back to its pre-storm state) as this ensures a smoother and faster transition from mitigation of damages to rebuilding the property.


We work with our clients, together as a team, and employ all resources at our disposal to assist in arriving at a mutual agreement with the insurance adjuster as to the scope and price for completing the repairs.

This works because it allows us to submit a reconstruction estimate shortly after mitigation work is complete and begin reconstruction with a comprehensive scope of work to restore the structural integrity of your property and make repairs in accordance with current building codes and standards, as well as avoid delays due to major supplements being needed.


Step 4 - Communicate the approved scope with our customer, gather selections (paint color, flooring etc.) and GO!!!!

MME Contracting provides our clients with a financial summary of the project, identification of milestones for progress invoicing, obtaining of selections on items like shingles, siding, paint colors, flooring, cabinets, etc. and then the rebuild begins!

MME Contracting will submit progress invoices based on agreed upon milestones (e.g. upon completion of installation of drywall/floors/etc.). The final invoice will be based upon the completion of punch list items as well as your satisfaction.

This works because it's important for all people to know what they are paying for when they pay for it. 

Florida General Contractor License No. CGC058741

Louisiana Residential General Contractor License No. 887376



Fully Licensed & Insured

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